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National Beer Scoring System (NBSS)

Welcome to our straightforward guide on scoring the beer you love and discovering how pubs and clubs across the UK stack up in terms of beer quality. Whether you're a dedicated CAMRA member or a cask ale enthusiast, your journey to support and promote excellent beer starts here.

Beer scoring

How to Score Your Beer

Scoring your beer couldn't be simpler and can be done in any pub or club listed on our site. Just click to add a beer score after your visit. You'll input the date and rate the quality of the beer served. It's a great way to share your experiences and guide fellow beer lovers.

What Do the Scores Mean?

  • 0: No cask ale available
  • 1: Poor - Barely drinkable
  • 2: Average - Drinkable but unremarkable
  • 3: Good - Enjoyable enough to make you consider another round
  • 4: Very Good - Stands out for its excellence
  • 5: Perfect - Exceptional, a rarity
Beer scoring

How We Display Scores on Our Site

To simplify understanding beer quality, we use pint symbols:

3 full pints:

Average score of 3.6 or above - the cream of the crop, showcasing CAMRA's best.

2 full pints:

Scores from 3.0 to 3.5 - these pubs are outstanding in their own right, our "Rising Stars."

1 full pint:

Scores between 2.5 to 2.9 - solid choices for a reliable pint.

3 empty pints:

Scores of 2.4 or below - not considered as serving great real ale.


No pints:

Indicates either insufficient scores for the venue or no real ale available.

Note: Scores reflect the last 12 months of beer quality data, providing a current glimpse into what to expect.

Visibility of Scores

Registered users can reveal scores for up to 15 pubs or clubs, aiding in planning your visits. After using all 15 'reveals,' consider subscribing or joining CAMRA as a member for unlimited access. Subscribers and members enjoy full visibility of all scores and filters to discover the best places to visit.

Why Score?

Your input helps us curate the Good Beer Guide and ensures we promote venues serving top-notch cask ale. It's also a fantastic way to connect with the community and share your passion for great beer.

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