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Small Brewers' Relief

Small Brewers’ Relief is being reformed.

The Government recently announced a raft of changes to the way beer and brewers will be taxed – including changes to Small Brewers’ Relief.

Many of these changes are positive, but CAMRA believes there is still work to be done to ensure these wider proposals work for small brewers.

The Detail
  • The Small Brewers’ Relief scheme will be replaced by a ‘Small Producers Relief’ which will include brewers, and cider and perry makers.
  • Like Small Brewers’ Relief, this new scheme will allow smaller producers to pay less tax, which helps compensate for the economies of scale enjoyed by larger manufacturers.
  • Tax relief also makes the market more competitive, increasing consumer choice at the bar.
  • Small Brewers Relief was instrumental in the brewing boom of the last two decades, so it’s vital that the Small Producers Relief is implemented in a way that works for producers and consumers.

What is Small Brewers Relief and why does it matter?

by Jonny Garrett for CAMRA Learn & Discover

CAMRA’s campaigning

Use the buttons to explore more on Small Brewers’ Relief, including the full CAMRA Learn & Discover video “What is Small Brewers’ Relief, and why does it matter?” from beer writer Jonny Garrett, our original submission to the Government consultation, and a comment from CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona.

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