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Historic pub interiors

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Britain's Historic Pub Interiors - An Introduction

Unspoilt pubs — here is your definitive guide to the nation's most important historic pub interiors. Since the 1960s few pubs have escaped major changes but this website helps you seek out the best historic examples we have left. They range from simple unaltered village pubs to glorious late-Victorian extravaganzas. Each is very special in its own way.

This list has been compiled by CAMRA's Pub Heritage Group and is the product of over thirty years of careful research. It identifies pubs with intact traditional interiors or which have features and rooms of national importance.

To find pubs in your area of interest use the search above or use a Real Heritage Pub Guide.

If you are a potential pub operator or owner, see the benefits of running a pub with an important historic interior. If you are a planning official, review how we work to protect pubs with important historic interiors. If you are a CAMRA member, and you would like to volunteer to help Pub Heritage Group, read about the surveying we do.

National Inventory Star Ratings - Category Listings

In 2023, Pub Heritage Group adopted a revised method for grading Inventory pubs - details here

We now have three categories of historic pub interior - Three Star, Two Star and One Star - and these listings set out, county by county, which pubs are in each category, along with links to the pub's entry on the website.

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