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Digital Futures

The CAMRA Experience is a new website and digital experience, designed to streamline and improve the way in which customers find good quality pubs, beers and events online – Pubs, Pints, People!

This site will eventually replace all core CAMRA domains, consolidating them into a single site that will act as CAMRA’s main website.

The website will ultimately combine almost all of the features and much of the information utilised across CAMRA’s other websites (main website, WhatPub, events, Tckty, cider producers, Pub Heritage, shop, news, etc) to create a user-friendly centralised user-experience of quality experiential and digital product for non-members whilst also adding value to current members.

The decision making with this project has been aided by various surveys, focus groups and testers. These groups will continue meeting and providing feedback as the site is developed.

Initially, this website will run alongside the existing CAMRA website, this is the ‘soft launch’ phase, which will not be heavily promoted. Anyone looking to visit the CAMRA website will still be able to go to the current site. An option to try out this new version will simply be made available for those who choose to try it.

Once we enter the next phase – ‘hard launch’ - visitors to the website will be redirected to the new CAMRA Experience website.

The launch is the beginning of a longer development roadmap that will see additional integration and features added.

Consolidation of existing systems

One of the core concepts behind Digital Futures, and by extension this new platform, is to bring all of our assets under one umbrella to make it easier to tap into as a member or volunteer. This will not remove any of the current features or materials and will now make available a significant amount of new information that is not currently accessible, or difficult to access.

However, key systems such as WhatPub are now on old technology that is difficult and expensive to support, so all new investment will go towards the new application that will over time become the focal point for pub and beer information. Tools such as Pubzilla, Spile, Hops and other custom tools will all still work in exactly the same way. This data is fed into the WhatPub database which is used to power the new website.

CAMRA Volunteers’ Area

Currently, the Volunteers Area of the website will remain the same. In the Digital Futures roadmap, the Volunteers’ Area is earmarked for re-development in 2025.

This new platform will provide us with capabilities to make the digital experience significantly better for volunteers in the future.

Questions on digitisation

This is not a step away from in-person campaigning, or printed materials. This website simply updates the online elements of the campaign, and consolidates them into a more streamlined and easier-to-use platform.

Migration of content from previous site

Some content may still be in the process of migration from the previous CAMRA website, so if visitors can’t find a specific page or piece of content, this may be the reason. For any questions on this subject, please use the contact form on either the new or old website.


Let us know your thoughts in our survey below or fill out the survey on a new page here.

Suggestions or feedback on the new CAMRA Experience website can be directed to

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