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General Election 2024

The Election

A General Election has been called for 4 July, and we want to make sure that candidates know that beer and pubs need their support.

We’ve created a manifesto laying out our vision for quality real ale and thriving pubs in every community, and asking candidates to work with CAMRA to support to pub-goers and beer drinkers.

What does this mean for beers and pubs?

Politicians love to be pictured pulling a pint behind the bar of their local, but this doesn’t always translate into action that supports pubs, social clubs, brewers, cider makers, and consumers.

There are a huge number of areas where policy and legislation impact pub-goers and the trade, but we’ve picked out some key priorities that we want to see the next Government tackle.

CAMRA’s asks for the next Government

Across the whole of the UK we’d like to see:

Access to market for small and independent producers

The pub market is largely owned by a few big players, making it harder for small, independent beer and cider makers to get their products in front of consumers. The next Government should work to open the market up, supporting these producers and creating more consumer choice.

Improved consumer rights

Consumers don’t currently have a right to clear information about the ingredients, price, dispense, or information about where drinks have come from and who owns the brands on the bar. We’d like to see this introduced by the next Government so consumers can make an informed choice about the products they choose, as well as a new consumer right to a full pint – which isn’t currently the law.

Fair tax

The next Government should maximise the benefits of the new draught duty rate by extending the difference between tax paid on draught beer and cider in the pub and that sold in off-licenses and supermarkets. We’d also like to see them reduce VAT on beer and cider sold in the on-trade. Both these steps recognise and encourage the social benefits of consuming beer, cider and perry on licensed premises.

Our asks in England only:

Business rates reform

To recognise the community value of pubs, the next Government should undertake a full review of business rates in England to fix the unfair overpayment by the pub sector permanently and to make sure that online businesses pay their fair share compared to bricks-and-mortar businesses like pubs and social clubs.

Planning and business rates policy are the responsibility of devolved governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales so do not form part of our General Election campaign. CAMRA continues to work with devolved governments and parliamentarians to improve the planing and business rates systems for pubs in these nations.

Planning protections for pubs

The next Government should improve planning protection and enforcement in England to prevent viable and valued pubs and social clubs being lost to unfair or unwanted demolition or conversion without serious and consistent consequences – including the power to order pubs to be rebuilt brick by brick if necessary.

More Resources

CAMRA members can find futher guidance on campaigning ahead of the General Election in the Campaigns Hub. Click to see the General Election 2024 toolkit.

See the toolkit
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